We are excited to announce that we are selling face coverings (masks) in Ecclesiastical colours in response to COVID 19 and the UK Government's & World Health Organisation's recommendations to wear cloth face-coverings (masks) in confined  public  spaces and in church.

Our cloth face-coverings are:

  • washable and reusable
  • handmade & professionally tailored in the UK
  • sewn from a double layer of fabric (or a 3 layer Welsh option @+£5 per pack)
  • lined with Oekotex certified fabric of a quality used to make NHS scrubs
  • Postage free within the UK
  • inclusive of a £3.75 pence donation to Refugee Tales with  mask pack sold

Our Ecclesiastical masks are sold in sets of five (or seven for the Limited Edition) and do not attract our MultiBuy Discount.

Special Edition Ecclesiastical Seven Pack of Masks - £63

Our five pack masks come in a choice of St Aidan's brocade - a small pattern featuring the English Rose - or plain colours.

  • Each pack will consist of one cream(St Aidan's brocade) or (plain) gold mask; one red mask; one violet mask and two green masks. 
  • The masks are fashioned from M Perkins & Sons Ltd traditional quality Ecclesiastical fabric
  • The brocade is 67% Polyester and 33% cotton whilst the plain sateen fabric is 100% cotton. 
  • In both cases the inner layer is ivory coloured, cotton poplin fabric used for NHS scrubs & face masks -  Oekotex approved. The fabric is 97% cotton - 3% elastane, washable and reusable.
  • Masks are sewn as a double layer of fabric (or a 3 layer Welsh option @ plus £5 per pack)

You can also choose to buy and donate an extra mask(s) to GDWG to give to people with lived experience of indefinte detention.

  • StAidan's Mask pack
  • Sateen_five-pack
  • +RichardGoldCloseUp
    M Perkins & Son Fabrics
    Our tailor wearing our Signature Saffron mask

    We hope you will want to review our Welcome Page, look as well at our standard choice of fabrics and read about why we are supporting GDWG and Refugee Tales

    Fr Robert Kozak wearing our red Special Edition mask

    Alternatively you may want to go straight to buy one of our three choices of Eccesiastical masks.  We have a very limited number of the Special Edition 7-pack mask featured here.  5-packs in St Aidan's brocade or plain colours are readily available.

    Colours:  Red; cream/gold; violet & 2 x green (5-pack)                               Red; blue; pink; gold; green; violet; Maryam blue (7-pack)