The Saffron Stitch

We are selling cloth face coverings...

... in response to COVID 19 and the Government's &  World Health Organisation's recommendations to wear face-coverings (masks) in confined  public  spaces.

They are double-layer cotton, (or a 3-layer Welsh option @ + £1) professionally tailored and with a 75pence donation to charity with each mask sold

Help us raise £750 in GDWG's 25th birthday year.  £250 by selling 333 Refugee Tales masks and £500  sponsoring our Picking, Packing & Posting them.

Learn more about The Saffron Stitch and about Refugee Tales.

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    A comfortable fit, pleated and a generous size

    • 1024 Child face mask emoji fabric - front
    • 1024 Child face mask blue k-pow fabric - side view

      A changing selection of fabrics is available

      • 1024 Capstan wearing a Refugee Tales - front view
      • 1024 Refugee Tales black on white - side

        Help us sell 333 masks to raise £250 in GDWG's 25th birthday year.  Understand more about Refugee Tales

        Plain or Brocade - ecclesiastical packs of face-coverings in 4 or 7 liturgical colours.

        Have your own fabric? Get in Touch

        How to Buy

        Before you rush to our shop to buy you need to choose your fabric and remember its name, then select the fabric - including our new lines, your preferred charity and relevant multibuy discount. Click on ADULT, CHILD or REFUGEE TALES above to buy

        Our standard pricing is:

        • one mask £7.50
        • two masks £14.00
        • three masks £19.50
        • 4-10 masks £6.00 each
        • 10+ masks £5.50
        • REFUGEE TALES 50p per mask extra - WHY?
        • WELSH option - 3 layers - £1 per mask extra

        Remember we make a £0.75 donation to charity for EACH mask bought.  For every nine Refugee Tales masks we sell WE DONATE A TENTH to GDWG

        Click on ADULT, CHILD or REFUGEE TALES above to buy

        Your own picture or logo?  We can have it printed for you! £45 for a minimum order of 6 or Contact Us for pricing for more.

        • 1024 Capstan wearing a Refugee Tales - front view
        • Candy pink face mask with bees on manikin -front
        • Candy pink face mask with bees on manikin - side

          Our core services

          If it can be sewn then we will look to sew it.

          From a baptismal gown, fashioned from Mum's wedding dress, to a window seat cushion, a cushion, curtains or a sumptuous memory-foam bed for your cat or dog

          Just Ask ...

          ...The Saffron Stitch ...

          ... and it shall be yours.

          We provide expert garment alterations. Our experienced and highly skilled tailor will be able to help with all garment issues including resizing, restyling and repairing.

          The Saffron Stitch provides an excellent quality of alterations using only traditional techniques perfected over 20 years of experience.

          Working with womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and, occasionally, petswear! 

          Incorporated in February 2017 our company has already established a reputation for Ecclesiastical textile excellence.

          A Banner, Cope, Frontal or Mitre?  These are The Saffron Stitfch's ABC of beauty and vestments.

          Our model here is the Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith, 10th Bishop of St Albans. He is wearing our mitre bearing St Alban's yellow saltire with a traditional Armenian cross. The palm frond symbolises martydom and  the sword, its manner.

          Your feedback is important to us

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          Why did we add saffron to our stitch?

          Like the best saffron, our resident tailor was born in the Khorasan province of Iran. He strives to create beauty whether by stitching, tailoring, embroidering, repairing, restoring or altering.  As with the spice, the value in his work derives both from his inherent talent and his time taken labouring by hand.

          Whilst training, at the Royal School of Needlework, one of our tailor's Certificate pieces of silk shading embroidery inspired our company's name change.

          The English word, saffron, is believed to derive from the Persian word zarparan meaning 'gold string'.  The beautiful delicate lilac-coloured crocus flowers bloom overnight, just once per year,  in the southern region of the  Khorasan province in Iran.  Saffron is the world's most valuable spice because of its unique properties and all the hand labour which goes into producing it.   

          These properties of saffron underpin the ethos of our company. 

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